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tv   KPIX 5 News Sunday Morning Edition  CBS  September 14, 2014 7:30am-8:31am PDT

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good morning. it is 7:30 on sunday, september 14th. thank you for joining us. >> there is a lot of news to get to in this next hour. >> we might have another huge strike brewing in the bay area dealing with our ferries. operators are now at an impasse with contract negotiations. >> the big two issues of course money and health care. >> there's also a question about whether the buses will be able to take care of the slack if there is a strike. meanwhile, it's opening day for new levi stadium and there is controversy from the ground up. will the turf hold up in the opening game? what about the players?
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the controversy over playing ray mcdonald. also in the sky, the boxes, who is in them? you might be surprised to find out what health care companies are involved. >> we're going to be joined by a san francisco supervisor. the legislature redefined what consent means when it comes to sex on our college campuses. california could be the first state to take this action. >> cal berkeley already in trouble with the feds for its handling of sexual assault. a spokesperson will be live in studio. let's start with a quick check of the weather forecast. a live look at ocean beach. you can see it's a little foggy out there, a little bit cloudy and we're going to see things a little cooler than what we saw yesterday but temperatures now in the journal 50s -- upper 50s, low 60s all over the bay area. we're seeing clouds and foggy starting the day as sunny, seasonal afternoon and even cooler days ahead.
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we'll look at the 7-day forecast coming up here's a look at some of the headlines. the islamic extremist group isis said it's beheaded another hostage for the third time in less than a month. a video released on social media shows david hanes, 44- year-old aid worker from scotland, a masked man hovering over him with a knife. hanes was kidnapped in northern syria last year as he delivered humanitarian aid. the british prime minister david cameron calls the killing an act of pure evil. a richmond police officer is on administrative leave after a shooting at a liquor store shortly after midnight. police say the officer shot someone at uncle sam's liquor store on cutting boulevard in richmond. the person died at the scene. no word yet on what led to the shooting. the contra costa district attorney is conducting a joint investigation into the
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incident. an 11-year-old is dead after a car accident in burlingtoname. it happened on south 280 just before 1:00 this morning the car hit a tree. the 11-year-old was killed instantly. two others were in the car at the time. they've been taken to the hospital with injuries. everyone in the car was wearing their seat belt. police say alcohol does not appear to be a factor. grass valley in the sierra foothills is more like smoke valley this morning. the fire burned two homes, dozens of residents just south of grass valley were forced to evacuate. more than 250 acres of thick forest are scorched there. so far firefighters only have 20% containment. fortunately though no injuries. an outdoor comedy festival at golden gate park dedicated to the memory of the late robin williams. the comedian actor died last month in an apparent suicide. today's 34th annual comedy day features more than 40 performances in a stage in
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sharon meadow. including new talent as well as established headliners. today's free event is from noon to 5:30. back to you. we will know more tomorrow about whether or not the bay area is in store for another commute crippling transit strike >> if there's a strike it will likely start with the district ferry operators but it could spread. this time it could be worse than 2012, for one the district's buses would be expected to pick up the slack during the strike but thanks to retirements, vacations and absenteeism bus service is having a hard time meeting the current schedule. >> and even so there's a good chance the bus drivers would stay off the job as well in solidarity, that affect riders from santa rosa to san francisco. as in 2012 the issue is money. ferry boat captains making $30 a year while deck captains make $50,000 plus benefit
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>> we had it with golden gate district, bart and muni drivers as well. after years of cutbacks to the services, workers say we want more money, but the districts are saying we're still under water and you got to kick in for those health care payments or it won't pan out. >> in the meantime, all of us commuters are paying the price. we may take the ferries for granted, in the bay. out of the normal commute realm -- it's going to affect us. >> watch the traffic indreys. >> right. it's a sign of the times, the bay area economy is booming and bart trains are packed. there's relief in the form of new trains coming but the new trains won't be rolling down the tracks until 2017. >> yes, there's less seats, more space for standing which is important, more space for luggage, which is a reality and there will be more train cars. >> on an average day one out of five bart trains is out of
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service due to maintenance problems. again there's 100 new trains on order so for a while it sounds like we're going to have a mixed fleet of old and new trains. >> it will be a while before the trains even arrive, a couple years. even when they do -- and by the way not to put a damper on the future but the new transhave fewer seats so there's more room for luggage and bikes in the changing commuter pattern. ridership keeps going up. >> in the meantime they are pulling trains for maintenance and changing things like those nasty seats and are taking away the icky carpet as well. so it is going to be a better ride. speaking of short term pain and long term possible gain, we have sports. >> despite what turned into a real public relations debacle, executives with blue shield will be using the sky box today at levi 125eu7 stadium. >> the not for profit insurance company bought a $2.5 million stadium sky box, some policy
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holders and advocates reacted by marching outside the blue shield san francisco offices last week. the protesters say that the general public should be allowed to use the sky box or that the money should be returned to the public. >> not for profit companies have no businesses with multimillion-dollar sky boxes while policy holders are asked to pay rate hikes in the double digits every year. >> protesters also went inside the lobby of blue shield to deliver signed petitions demanding that the tickets to the sky box be given to consumers. >> not going to happen. no, but let's talk about this. proposition 45 on the ballot would change the way insurance regulates not for profits. insurance companies that supposedly don't make a profit. you can bet they are using this as a way to deliver the message on that as well. there's politics involved in this as well. >> it's a topic of your column in the san francisco chronicle. you say it's not only blue shield doing this. >> that's right.
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>> it doesn't look good. >> moving on. arts big day for the silver and black as well. the oakland raiders have their home opener this afternoon. they play the houston texans at 1:25. you can catch the caction here on kpix 5. the debate will be on tuesday, after results of a new poll proved to be a bit of a shocker in the race. rebecca cap lynn, city councilwoman at large came in first with 60% of the vote. seven out of 10 voters say kwan should be replaced. less than two months out from the oakland mayoral race and looks like it could be a blowout. >> heard that someone in kaplan's office had done the victory celebration. that will be a huge mistake. >> we're not going to rest and keep working hard. >> the win is not as decisive as i it is, kaplan won by
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single digits in all but the final rounds of ranked choice voting but as the voting narrowed, they rallied behind kaplan and not kwan. it's not as simple as people think. sometimes your second choice could be given more power than your first. >> yes. that's the way the ranked choice running goes because they are trying to eliminate runoffs. there's also a huge undecided still out there in the oakland vote. so there's a big question of where that goes. that could mean the deciding factor. in other election news the two men vying to be the next mayor of san jose will attack part in a candidate's forum tomorrow morning. >> they will answer questions. it starts 9:15, most people in the auditorium will be students. the event will be streamed live at on tuesday san francisco could catapult itself to another first. the first city in the nation to oppose bans on sex selective abortion, that is when a couple
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decides to -- gets to decide whether the fetus is a boy or girl. the proposal in front of the board says the bansz encourage racial profiling since it's more common in some asian cultures. the resolution follows a statewide bill that would ban -- a ban on a ban in a way. >> it will be very interesting in san francisco. meanwhile, how best to use the fran waterfront will be hot topic in a meeting tomorrow as well. staffers with the port of san francisco will give opinions on what to do with the northeast waterfront as part of a larger review of san francisco's waterfront land use. specifically the areas from pier 7 to pier 35. this debate has been going on for decades. some ballot measures on rules and megadevelopments have already gone in front of voters, like when the warriors for example were thinking of building their new stadium on piers 32, that didn't make some of the leaders in the city all
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too happy. >> it seems like a lull in between big proposals. >> it's also a change in the times because the warriors pulled back in the big idea of the southern waterfront. i think this topic is not going away. it's probably one of the most expensive pieces of real estate in the west coast so you can bet it's going to be a hot topic for time to come. >> speaking of the waterfront for the first time this week a cruise ship will pull into the new terminal at san francisco's pier 27. the crown princess set to arrive thursday. the new terminal was built last year for the america's company. u.s. customs and border protection will be there to -- 14 of the 75 bookings scheduled between now and the end of the year are overnight visits. a few extra tourist dollars. >> speaking of tourists - >> a hearing on home sharing tomorrow is going to reignite that debate about web sites like air b & b, >> the committee will consider
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a law to make it easier to rent out your home or apartment for short stays but would require you to register with the city and pay taxes. rights now the process is technically illegal but many san francisco landlords still do it everyday. >> my husband and i have talked numerous times, if something were to happen we lose our jobs the first thing that we will do is air b & b our home. >> that was a rally a few months ago at city hall. many same supporters will be back and expected to pack the hearing tomorrow. starts 1:30 at city hall. a serious crime on campuses across the country. we'll see what happens within the first 15 days of school getting back in session. a disturbing trend. what does a spokeperson say about it? >> ray rice roots for his alma mater in his first public appearance since being released by the ravens. you might be surprised by what his high school coach has to say about the controversy.
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campus passed the state legislature. california is now this past thursday a redefinition of sexual assault on campus passed the state
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legislature. california is now poised to become the first state to require universities to adopt a standard known as affirmative consent. the bill defines this as "affirmative conscious and voluntary agreement to engage in sexual activity." eri okita spoke to a sexual assault survivor about what this bill means. >> ultimately whether it's yes means yes or no means no it's still going to be a he said/she said. that is always going to be a concern. what i can say is, if a survivor goes to a hearing committee and says i was so scared i didn't say anything at all. before it could have meant you were scenting. >> the bill says "consent musting ongoing throughout sexual activity and can be revoked any time." the proposed law is likely to be signed soon by governor brown, would apply to all schools that receive state funds. uc berkeley is one of the universities that has been supporting the new bill. on a practical level how can
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the concept of yes be yes be enforced? joining me to talk about it is steve monteil, a spokesperson for the school. thank you for joining us. explain what this is going to mean for students, changing the definition of consent. >> just to clarify, i'm with the university of california office of the president. and our president janet napolitano has been up front on this, has been on it from the beginning. we've actually had this consent policy since last spring. it means consent is -- an ambiguous -- unambiguous, reformed, revokable, conscious. >> it sort of makes the rules more strickent on a -- stringent on a college campus versus off-campus. how do you enforce rules that are different in different places? >> we have a task force that mass been working real hard on this, that includes students, it includes administrators from
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the campuses, we have 10 campuses across the uc system. it includes people who are working hard on this. actually the board of regents later this week will be hearing a report on some of the initial recommendations. so there will be mechanisms in place to make sure that anyone who feels they've been subjected to unwanted sexual contact has good resources. we want to make sure that they are there are good mechanisms for prevention are for education, for advocacy for the students and for response. >> this bill was changed since it was originally proposed. originally you had to have a verbal yes from both parties in the situation. that change, it doesn't need to be verbal anymore. do you think that takes the teeth out of this proposal? >> i don't think so. i think there are a lot of ways that people indicate affirmative consent. i think the key thing here is
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that the standards are clear, and i think that's going to make a difference for everyone. this is something that we're all responsible for. at the uc campuses it's a large very diverse community of students, and we want to have policies and standards that are consistent and very transparent all across the system. >> do you think administrators are going to be equipped to actually make these determinations? we have the possibility of false charges, the he said/she said situation. >> sure. training of people, on the campuses is a big part of this as we move forward. these cases are always complicated, complex. the whole issue i very complex. and we'll make sure that people have the tools to make this work. >> art monteil with the uc system. thank you for joining us >> sure. let's look at the sunday
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morning forecast for today. first a live shot of san jose, we have partly cloudy skies, some low clouds. low 50s. you can expect morning clouds and fog give way to afternoon sunshine. for most of the bay area, of course, if you're along the coast you won't be seeing that but highs remain near seasonal for today. as we fly around the bay and look at the temperatures for today, in the south bay it's going to look a lot like yesterday, 70s and 80s. a bit of a mixed bag down there. as we head over to the east bay we're going to see 90s topping out at 95 and liver more and pleasantton and brentwood. to the central bay, upper 60s to mid-70s. 68 in san francisco. a little cooler, 64 in daly city, north bay, a little warmer, petaluma 82. so pleasant today, similar to yesterday.
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and then we're going to go into a cooling trend. a little cooler tomorrow. and then as we head into wednesday the temperatures are going to start to take a bit of a dip. partly cloudy skies wednesday through thursday. below average temperatures. major road work started yesterday just south of the golden gate bridge toll plaza. >> be careful though. it's the last big project that changed the southbound highway one turnoff, caused some bad accidents last time they made changes and some close calls. it's here, southbound 101 where crews are changing the road moving traffic slightly north. the gray color shows old southbound traffic lanes and this blue line shows the new lanes. just a small distance but a big deal for some. >> i didn't want to hear that. >> sandy bacon worries many drivers won't understand the lane change. >> people going too fast thinking they know where they are going and cutting in and out of people and that causes accidents. >> reporter: while others worry about what the tourists will do. >> they are confused off the get go. most of them come here, they
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are tourists, they don't know. >> reporter: back in may the most recent big change to the stretch of road, drivers did have accidents. that time in the northbound lanes. the last san francisco exit was moved 1,000 feet sooner. forcing drivers who missed it to drive all the way over the golden gate bridge. to avoid that long haul this mini van tried this dangerous maneuver. but the copycat car wasn't so lucky. >> oh my gosh. >> people are impairment. they want to get from -- impatient. they want to get from point a to point b in less than five minutes. >> reporter: this is one of the fine phases in the project, the goal over several months to realign highways 1 and 101, build shoulders and landscape the median. hopefully that work will end without another one of these. the project manager says there are plenty of signs warning drivers of the new lane changes. so he doesn't expect the
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confusion that was seen last may. >> it got pretty messy then. the presidio parkway is scheduled to be finished next summer. >> it's got to be one of the longest projects i've seen. doesn't compete with the bay bridge but the reconfigurations of the road and traffic backups -- >> when we come back, we're going to talk to city leaders about the growing problem in the nfl affecting more than just players. ,,
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former baltimore ravens plar ray rice this weekend. and a first public appearance f the rice family since the domestic abuse s homecoming for former ravens player ray rice this weekend and first public appearance for the rice family since the domestic violence scandal. rice, wife janay and their daughter attended a football game at his high school in new rochelle. new york. they cheered the team to victory from the sidelines. his old high school coach says rice's mistake is a lesson learned. >> 20 seconds or 30 seconds of a bad decision has affected this young man's life forever. and they need to think before they act. so i think my kids are getting great lessons in terms of making a mistake, admitting it, not repeating it, and learning from it. so what better lesson to learn from an nfl superstar? >> meanwhile vikings running back adrian peterson will not be playing in today's game against the patriots. peterson is free on bond today
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after being arrested for child abuse. some now calling the nfl the national felons league. after all the recent problems with players. >> they are not the only ones in the spotlight but the league owners as well. roger goodell in the hot seat for the way the league handled the ray rice scandal. >> we asked if the league for example was a politician how would they be doing on the side? >> they would be in bad shape. the kind of hit pieces you could do on the nfl. just think, go back five years and i would suggest there are almost as many bad calls and there are good calls among the people working in the nfl from management all the way down. >> for a game that is supposed to be about agility and strategy these people in the nfl have just bungled this from
7:57 am
the beginning to the end. we know this is about a gladiator game. that's what the nfl does but the fact that the politicians are now getting involved, you have women leaders in washington, in the senate and house now calling for hearings on this because look, america is watching it and saying something has got to be done. >> currently, you've got to understand we never should have allowed ourselves to be lulled into believing that the role model to my son should be a football player. that is what this nation has been sold by this incredible successful operation called the nfl. literally it was going to go worldwide. these are people who know only one thing how to destroy their opponent for the entertainment of the championship they are part of. anything goes, period. the rules are applicable to the field. not off the field. >> off the field you have
7:58 am
public relations and you have -- a lot of times these teams get tax money for the stadiums. there's an interconnection between the private and public sector. is there time for a new commissioner? if so who. >> there's talk condoleezza rice. she's from the bay area, a huge football fan. she knows strategy that football requires. it may -- maybe it's time for the nfl to take new look at the leadership. >> i would think on that list of potential persons - >> dream on, dream on. drivers versus cyclists, listen up. or it could cost you. new rules going into effects. another horrifying video po online by the islamic group known as isis... what they did to a man from scotland. (show open)
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a-m on this sunday another horrifying video by isis. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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i'm phil matier. good morning. 8:01 on a sunday. thank you for joining us. >> we have a lot to talk about in the next half-hour.
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>> new rules of the road. everybody should be aware of these before you get ticketed. could cause a little bit more problems between bicyclists and drivers on the road. already sort of a tense relationship. >> the fine could be anywhere from $35 to a couple hundred dollars. >> we'll explain those rules. >> speaking of rules, to play or not to play. that is the debate going into the nfl opening day. down in santa clara. ray mcdonald, domestic violence allegations against the 49er. we're going to sit down with the san francisco supervisor to talk about what the city is saying about it. >> she's calling for the 49ers to be a little harsher on him. >> and arnold schwarzenegger back in sacrament this past week. he had his portrait unveiled. we'll have two big politicos away in on what his possible legacy could be. >> that little thing about maria, was she there or not? >> was she a smudge? first, a quick check at the weather forecast.
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a little cloudy but should be a nice day. live look at the bay bridge from our roof cam. temperatures right now in the upper 50s to lower 60s all around the bay area. we're going to see the clouds and a little bit of fog this morning. burning off, sunny, seasonal afternoon and cooler days ahead. more details on that coming up in the 7-day forecast. the middle eastern extremist group known as isis allegedly killed another hostage yesterday. a video posted on-line shows david hanes, a 44-year-old aid worker from scotland getting beheaded. this is the third video released by isis in just less than a month. hanes was kidnapped in northern syria last year as he delivered humanitarian aid. in bay area news -- an officer-involved shooting in richmond. the richmond police department says the officer is now on administrative leave. police say the officer shot someone at uncle sam's liquor store on cutting boulevard and the person died at the scene.
8:04 am
no word yet on what led to the shooting. the contra costa district attorney is now conducting a joint investigation into the incident. in burlingame, a 11-year- old is dead after a car drives off the roadway and off the embankment. this happened south of trousdale drive before 1:00 this morning. the car hit a tree and the 11- year-old killed instantly. two others in the car have been taken to the hospital with injuries. everyone in the car was wearing their seat belts and police say alcohol doesn't appear to have been a factor. >> a fire burned two homes near grass valley. dozens of residents forced to evacuate. more than 250 aches of thick forest now korched. so far it's only 20% contained. fortunately no injuries. in southern california, dozens of homeowners forced to evacuate in orange county because of the silverado fire. so far about 1,500 acres have
8:05 am
burned there. the fire started friday and firefighters say the winds are pushing the flames away from the homes at the moment but that could change. more than 300 firefighters are helping control the flames. back to you. >> we've got new rules of the road that go into effect on tuesday when it comes to drivers and bicyclists. >> throughout california if a bicyclist is traveling in the same direction as your car you have to stay three feet away from them when passing. if you cannot give that three- foot clearance for some reason you have to "slow to a speed that is computer.
8:06 am
some autonomously change lanes and let you drive hand and foot- free. tomorrow the state insurance commissioner is holding a hearing about how these things should be -- it's open to the public and free. that hearing is 10:00 tomorrow at the tech museum in downtown san jose. the signature gathering continues in oakland this week.
8:07 am
waste management is trying to gather 22,000 signatures to get a contract from the city that is after the city council went with another company instead. > the tactics are getting downright aggressive. >> reporter: that's the pitch and here's the poster telling people to sign a petition and stop a 50% tax increase in garbage fees and voters are signing. problem is the city says this is all garbage. >> it's not even a stretch of a truth. >> people are just making things up out there. that has no basis in fact, there is no tax, period. >> reporter: i gad scrd the signature gatherer how he came up with the 50% tax. >> larger bins by increasing higher wages for union -- >> i appreciate it sir but it doesn't say anything about the 50%. >> that's how it is. >> reporter: shows me new articles that don't report taxes but mention garbage rates. why fees, taxes, semantics,
8:08 am
it's different words but they are essentially the sam thing, whether it's a fee, a tax. >> reporter: collecting signatures can be a profitable business. nicholas guillermo said he flew in from tucson on his dime because waste management pays him $2 for his -- signatures. >> they are bulling tactics and lying. >> reporter: the other sign, signature gatherers over the weekend said "stop the city from increasing garbage fees." even the man behind the petition told me monday it's wrong. >> it's incorrect. we would ask people to take that down and they have. >> reporter: the waste management political consultant refused to talk today but signature gatherers are talking, in fact yelling at some people like me who refuse to read their articles and sign the petition. >> i suggest you learn how to read and maybe take some reading comprehension tests, then maybe -- i'm the type of guy i think everyone should need a phd before being allowed
8:09 am
to vote. if i was in charge of this country the first thing i would do is eliminate 95% of the voters, maybe 99%. >> i have never seen people get so passionate about garbage. >> no, but what you have here, this is how we do it in california. you have an initiative. you actually pay people to go out there and collect those signatures. we come across them all the time. it can be $2, as high as $4 a signature. yeah, people come from all around to make the money while they can, as far as the tax excuse all i can say is signer beware, what you are being told to sign is not often what is on the petition. speaking of signatures, we were talking about the six californias proposal. they were gathering signatures for months. apparently the proposal is in debt even though many signatures in support of the measure turned out to be invalid. the campaign to split the golden state needed over 800,000 signatures to get it on the ballot. the supporters turned in more than one million but many of them were invalid so we're not
8:10 am
going to see that. ballot but it's not over. we heard representatives from the jefferson camp, that would be the part of far northern california that wants to split off from california. they've already made a big push to lawmakers >> they have. we're not -- we may not go six but still trying to go two. have the northern counties, some of them want to secede. they've been wanting to do that since world war ii. we'll see what happens there. a new statewide poll shows governor jerry brown with a strong lead heading into the november election. with 57% of the projected vote he's way ahead of the republican neal kashkari. >> he has a lot more support in congress, that new field poll also shows 75% of california voters disapprove of the job that congress is doing. that is just 13% only approve. about 40% think their own representative could be doing a better job. >> could they do that job? it just seems rough.
8:11 am
>> that's why we elect somebody else to do the job and take the heat for not doing it. district 5 supervisor weighing in on the controversy surrounding a niners defensive player calling on the team to get tough. mcdonald will be suiting up,
8:12 am
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cinnamon. softly-baked. nature valley soft-baked oatmeal squares. afternoon and he i . 49ers defensive end ray mcdonald will be suiting up this afternoon and is scheduled to play. he's accused of assaulting his pregnant fiancee, prosecutors are still investigating and haven't filed formal charges just yet but they've also pushed back mcdonald's arraignment. it was supposed to happen tomorrow. there's some prominent critics of how the 49ers are handling the mcdonald case and is it responsible to allow the criminal justice system to run its course before somebody's actually allowed to get back in the game? joining us is the san francisco supervisor london breed who had a resolution written up and passed by the board of supervisors on this? why did you do this? >> it's important to pay attention to these issues and
8:15 am
to make sure we're holding the actually accountable. ghsh the team accountable. >> what do you want them to do? >> stick ray donald down until the process plays out. that's all i'm asking. i'm not asking you shouldn't get paid or be cut from the team, allow the process to play out until he's found guilt or innocent or charged or not, allow the process to play out and things to be clear before he steps on that field again. >> some people out there going to say why are the board of supervisors in san francisco getting involved in this? the team is in santa clara. >> they bear our team. they have a proud name in san francisco. they are san francisco 49ers them. if they want to change their name to the santa clara 49ers, be my guest. there would be no need for us to pass a resolution but still important to bring issues of domestic violence to the forefront. i'm not saying ray mcdonald is
8:16 am
guilty. when police officers, when firefighters are facing serious charges, they have to take administrative, paid administrative leave until the case plays out before they return to work. >> have you talked to the mayor about this? >> yes. >> what was his reaction? he's playing host to the super bowl in a couple of years? what was he saying about getting the city involved in the debate? >> he didn't give me feedback on the city's involvement. >> it's interesting because some of the supervisors that votedded for this measure to take ray mcdonald off the field also voted to reinstate the county's own sheriff after he was convicted of misdemeanor domestic violence. >> unfortunately they did. >> you were not on the board of supervisors then, how would you have voted? >> i would not have voted to reinstate him into office. >> what are you hoping to
8:17 am
accomplish with this? >> to make a point that the niners, they are a class act. they mean so much to so many. when i was a kid growing up in the 1980s in my neighborhood we all came together web the niners won the super bowl. it meant something to support this team. and now with the kinds of decision that's they are making with some of their players involved in criminal activity it means, i believe in innocent until proven guilty but there's still a process that needs to be set not only in the 49ers team but the nfl in general. that any violence, whether it's against women, against children, against another person, should never be tolerated and they should take swift action to deal with it until until a process is played out. >> what is the reaction to the resolution? >> it's been mixed. it's been both supported -- probably somewhere around 50/50. >> what are the negatives? >> the negatives are due process. due process, due process. due process, would be if they
8:18 am
sat him down and said you're not going to get paid and you can't play. then due process would kick in, like, wait a minute, you're vile hating his rights -- violating his rights. >> how is the reaction running? what percent favor, what percent against what you are doing? >> mostly, a lot of women are supportive of what i'm doing. a lot of men are not supportive of what i'm doing. >> that's politics for you. >> yes. >> thank you for joining us this morning. we'll see what happens at the game. this story is going national and it's probably going to continue for a while. >> yes. >> thank you again. back to you. quick check of the weather forecast starting with a live look in the east bay. our dublin cam, showing mostly clear skies. except for some low clouds in some bay area locations. those clouds and some fog will stick around the next couple hours. afternoon sunshine for most highs remaining seasonal for the next several days. let's look at the highs for today. starting in the south bay where
8:19 am
again 49ers have the big home opener in santa clara. it's going to be 82 degrees moving to the east bay, 90s for the most part. our hot spots, brentwood, livermore and pleasanton with 95 degrees. in the north bay 80s, 60s along the coast. plenty of sunshine for everybody. and then 70s over in the east bay. looking at the 7-day forecast -- you can see we have clouds moving in wednesday and thursday. that is when the testimony are going to bottom out -- temperatures are going to bottom out. a general cooling trend but overall nice week all around the bay. a heated debate over arnold schwarzenegger's legacy as the governor of california. hear what two big names in the community have to say about arnold's political career. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
8:20 am
8:21 am
former governor arnold schwarzenegger was back at the state capital this past week. >> the actor turned politician was there for the unveiling of
8:22 am
his portrait. among those in attendance governor jerry brown and state librarian kevin starr. while schwarzenegger outlined some of the highlights of his seven years in office he spent most of the time just saying thank you. >> it is a great honor. when i was a young boy in austria i dreamt of california everyday. but not in my wildest dreams did i ever think that one day i will be governor, and one day there will be a portrait hanging here in the state capital. >> while in sacramento schwarzenegger also attended a climate change conference to push his work forward on reducing greenhouse gas emissions. schwarzenegger portrait now officially hanging in the state capitol. >> how has his run as governor going to be remembered? >> that is the question we put to our former state semly speaker willie brown and carla marinucci. what he brought to the state or his personalty? >> he was a game changer, in
8:23 am
body building, in the movies as an action hero. as governor i think it's a controversy. that fabulous portrait shows him as he would like to be remembered but -- in the big picture, it's not so -- lovely and fussy. there's a lot of problems with -- >> what are the problems in the schwarzenegger administration? >> he came as the guy to try to right the ship. his skill set at that time initially was not the same that, as we needed. suddenly, however, in the second term he became very effective. he changed how we elect people. you recall, open primaries. he changed the lines. no longer -- >> redistricting. >> there were suddenly a group of ill equipped folk doing the line drawing. >> won't he be remembered also for the budget issues? he left california -- >> don't get over that --
8:24 am
let's come back to climate change. climate change -- for a republican, that is arnold, 32 was arnold schwarzenegger. so suddenly you have a guy who is only there for a minute as a real governor, not the guy clearing up davis' mess up. those are significant achievements. >> carla, do you think that will be remembered or will it be overshadowed by his personality? >> i think the personality is going to take over in a very big way. the way he left the scandals after he left. you can't erase the situation with his maid and the child. the personal issues, he even -- >> w5eu789. wait a minute. the trouble with you journalists is that you deal with the facts as you see them. the people in the bars and the restaurants and the coffee shops, at the truck stop, they all love arnold. over all the other governors
8:25 am
we've had they prefer arnold. and it's for cause. he was a superstar. >> i'm not sure the last time wlb, mr. brown was at a truck stop that he gaged the public's opinion but i was decidedly mixed when i pump gas and talked to people. >> he clearly loves arnold. we have a smudge on the lapel where apparently a pin -- >> where he originally had the painting commissioned and i paid for it -- he paid for it. maria was on there in a pin. >> can we stop there? what? that was the original plan to have his wife's picture on a pin? >> in his administration -- >> i think it's insulting. a pin on the lapel? >> the other governors don't mention their wives at all. >> it almost seems better to not. >> we want to know what maria has to say. >> it's gone now, it was painted out after their separation. your reaction to that >> if if there's a smudge left i don't know why there's not a
8:26 am
better artist that would have -- >> that guy can't win.
8:27 am
(anchor does weather) coming up this face the natio one final look at weather for this sunday morning. first our highs, 80 in mountainview today. 90 in concord. san rafael will be 85 later on today. 7-day forecast -- pleasant today, a lot like yesterday, a little cooler tomorrow and then as we get into wednesday we're going to see a bit of a temperatures dip with some clouds moving in and below average temperatures. coming up this morning on cbs "face the nation," sitdown interview of st. john kerry talking about the president's plan to defeat isis. and the ray rice scandal and interview with a new york senator who is asking the nfl to adopt a a zero tolerance policy 16789 >> we're going to cw 44, cable channel 12. go raiders.
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>> schieffer: i'm bob schieffer today on "face the nation." isis strikes again. late yesterday isis released another execution video, this time the available victim was 44-year-old british aide worker david haines latest from london where david cameron says -- >> we'll hunt down those responsible and bring them to justice no matter how long it takes bob we'll talk to white house chief of staff, denis mcdonough, secretary of state. john kerry and head of homeland security mike mccaul. new york democratic senator kirsten gillibrand will be along to talk about her new book "off the sidelines" and she has lot to say about the crisis in the nfl. finally ken burns and his team will be here to preview the new pbs series "the roosevelts" an


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